Spend Matters: The Best From the Past (Part 2)

I admit that I derive a bit of satisfaction looking at some of my earlier efforts on Spend Matters. In retrospect, some were actually worth the virtual paper they were written on. Below is a link to two posts that list a number of entries that I believe are worth keeping:

The first post links to the following Spend Matters entries: Barney, The Big Five, and LCCS, The US Auto Industry: Why to Invest in Supply Risk Management, Viva La Exchange, India: Slums and Sourcing, "I Pay China Price", and China Maglev Metaphors..

The second post links to these posts: A Rural Chinese Plant Tour, A Spend Management Fireside Chat (Parts 1 and 2) Tips for the Spend Management Lifestyle, LCCS is Alive and Well in the Middle Market, Start Buying the Canned Goods and Bottled Water? and From the Trenches: A Middle Markets Perspective.

Enjoy! Eventually, I'll get around to updating the "best of list" to include some of Spend Matters more recent entries as well.

Jason Busch

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