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If you haven't noticed, summer is finally officially over. Little kiddies are going back to school (which hopefully have rid themselves of contraband Thomas the Tank Engine trains). Universities are finding new and creative ways of wasting the tuition dollars that parents pay. And all of us Spend Management folk are gearing up to work longer hours (except the French, but watch this space, as this might be changing soon). If you’ve been away from the Internet and are catching up on Spend Matters, you’ll notice a number of changes to the site, including the addition of Spend Matters Navigator, a new relational navigation tool that enables you to research and see content linkages between dozens of procurement and supply chain-focused blogs, analyst reports, trade publications and supplier databases. What better an opportunity to give it a try if you’re short of time and you want to keep up with the topics that matter to you? If you’re curious to learn more, you can read this short primer on how to get the most out of Spend Matters Navigator that I posted last week.

Jason Busch

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