Ketera Connect: Dispatch One

I'm spending the day at Ketera's Connect conference. So far, it's been a series of whirlwind discussions, panels and presentations -- most of it pushing the limit on the thinking we frequently hear from vendors in the space. Later in the week, I'll be writing up a number of thoughts on what I've learned about Ketera's solution direction and strategy as well as sharing insights from a number of the practitioners and other advisers that made the trek out to Palo Alto to present as well (all told, there's about 50 non-Ketera attendees). So far, I've got to hand it to Burton Goldfield, Ketera's CEO, for putting innovation at the heart of Ketera's overall agenda. Some of Burton's ideas -- which I'll share in my next post on the event -- around more closely tying together finance and procurement through better analytics, content and visibility are fascinating indeed.

Jason Busch

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