Spend Matters: Live from China

The week after next, I'll be in Shanghai attending and speaking at a sourcing summit that MFG.com is taking part in, as well as catching up with a number of colleagues and friends that my wife's sourcing firm, Aptium Global, has done business with over the years in the region. While I'm looking forward to seeing the ever booming Shanghai skyline -- it seems to add hundreds of new buildings every year -- I'm much more curious about gathering some on the ground perspectives on supplier quality and performance in China. Without question, these areas have tarnished China from a sourcing perspective in recent months. Even if this is undeserved -- as I believe it is in many cases outside of the toy and food markets -- no one can question how the net perception of China quality has declined in Western eyes due to the recent scandals.

I'm also particular interested in contacting and reaching out to fellow bloggers and sourcing professionals who might be in Shanghai the same week -- especially if they can comment from recent experience on supplier performance, supplier quality and supply risk in the region (not to mention the rising China price). So if you're around the week of September 24th in Shanghai or the surrounding area and are interested in trading thoughts on these issues, please drop me a line @ jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com. I look forward to catching up with a number of faces, both old and new.

Jason Busch

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