Jimma Hoffa, Meet RSS …

If you've not been following the headlines in North America of late, then you've probably missed the resurgence of labor on the political stage -- or "Big Labor" as some are now calling it. In fact, and don't ask me whose dues paid for this, Big Labor managed to rent out the entire Soldier Field lakefront monstrosity in downtown Chicago to host a Democratic Presidential debate for its members. One wonders given the politics of the city and some mayoral connections, if they paid list price for the venue. I doubt it.

But on a more serious collective bargaining note, it looks like some of my fellow bloggers might be considering the union option. I'm serious. I could not make this type of thing up. According to a blogger who wrote about a union get together in what I presume is Chicago (hat-tip: Tony Poshek), "a representative of the National Writers' Union (which currently represents freelance writers) argued that bloggers and unions were a natural fit: both groups talk often about "community” ... [and] of course, bloggers are also writers ... The goal of such a union would be to create the ability for more people to become professional bloggers, but it's not yet been decided who might be considered for membership." Well, if any Spend Management or supply chain blogger decides to become a card carrying member of a union to ply his trade, I can promise them one thing. And that's I'll be sure to heckle and shame them on these "Right to Work" pages of Spend Matters ...

Jason Busch

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