Testing the Spending Limits of That Corporate Card on Booze and Mochas …

When I was just starting out in my consulting career, I distinctly remember some client-enforced per diems in the range of $25-$30 per day (sometimes even less). It turns out in today's dollars, that would not be enough to cover the average price for two drinks plus tax and tip in a nightclub in New York City. This little news tidbit comes courtesy of Zagat's and is quoted on in UPI dispatch that cites "New York nightlife as the most expensive" in North America (hat-tip: Tony Poshek).

Still, ten bucks to start an all night binge in Manhattan does not feel quite as bad as dropping nearly nine bucks in Moscow for a Venti Mocha. Yes, you read that correctly. I've heard from friends that Starbucks is getting away with charging over twice what they do in North America for mixing together milk, espresso and chocolate. Perhaps a smart procurement organization might decide to negotiate a global discount structure for Starbucks for its employees, making it the preferred breakfast destination of choice.

Jason Busch

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