Emptoris Targets Ariba/Procuri Customers … Only 2 Hours After the Deal News Breaks!

Talk about marketing at Internet speed! Since the rumors of the Ariba/Procuri deal had been going around for a while -- it was largely known in the vendor world last night -- I'm not surprised that Emptoris decided to strike back with a targeted market program at Ariba and Procuri customers. But the speed with which they are doing it did surprise me. According to their response, "Emptoris is making a special offer to Procuri and Ariba customers who sign up with Emptoris in the next 90 days to receive up to a one year subscription credit, based on the remaining subscription with Procuri or Ariba." I will be talking to Emptoris late in the afternoon and look forward to sharing what I learn -- and offering up additional analysis -- tonight or tomorrow morning.

Jason Busch

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