Nextance is no More — the Versata Acquisiton

With all of the news and posturing about the Ariba / Procuri deal this week, it would be easy to overlook another acquisition in the sector. And this deal, of course, was Versata's acquisition of Nextance, a contract management vendor perhaps as well known for its innovative marketing as its functional strengths. Even though I had a couple of trusty colleagues and contacts tip me off to the acquisition before hand, I was too heads down to cover it. This, I admit, was mistake, as they deal shows that there's life left in them there contract management hills.

According to the announcement, Versata "announced the acquisition of privately held Nextance ... Terms of the agreement were not disclosed." As I look at the deal, it feels like much more of an Infor-like enterprise software roll-up play than one filled with significant product or customer synergies. But there's nothing wrong with that, as vendors that have a core competence in acquisition integration have got a much better chance of pulling off this sort of thing than those dabbling in deals (which I observed firsthand earlier in my career).

Look for further coverage and analysis of the contract management sector -- including Versata -- when I return from my China trip in October.

Jason Busch

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