Ariba — Losing Its Shining Lights above Pittsburgh

It looks like the Ariba sign that towers over the Pittsburgh skyline might be coming down. Unless Ariba can recycle the sign and sell it for scrap -- heck, given metal prices of late, I'm sure they could get a pretty penny for it -- I reckon that they'll probably not achieve the intended returns on the sign that they had planned from a marketing perspective, considering it was only up for a couple of years. The sign, in fact, has a bit of a curious past. When they were originally hoisting it up and replacing the FreeMarkets sign that had been there before, parts of it came crashing down to the street. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the process. Except, perhaps, the egos of all of the FreeMarkets alumni and team members who had a soft spot for the old name and brand -- yours truly included.

Jason Busch

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