Sage Advice for the Middle Market: Watch Your Back in Asia/Pacific

If you missed this article from September over on Supply and Demand Chain Executive, you owe it to yourself to check it out. In it, Andy Reece quotes a number of experts from the middle market world who've got sage words of advice for companies considering doing business in Asia. Perhaps the best quote in the piece comes from Sam Datta of Grant Thorton: "Know your foreign suppliers' supply chains." According to Data, there's an interesting Catch 22 when it comes to Asia Pac sourcing and supply chain localization.

He notes that "we often see a significant gap in education about the opportunities and risks in the Asia-Pacific region [and many companies are] afraid to do anything, or they have done something without doing all the due diligence, so they got burned later on. And once they get burned, they don't want to go back. But if they don't go back, they're losing a competitive edge in the marketplace, because someone else is going to come in and get the cost advantage."

As I know there are a number of middle market practitioners and consultants who read Spend Matters who have experience in Asia/Pacific sourcing, I'm hoping to gather some other opinions in the comments section. So don't be shy. Chime in! And kudos to Andy Reece for a solid piece of investigative journalism on a subject that middle market manufacturers should know far more about.

Jason Busch

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