Spend Matters: Live From China (First Dispatch)

Getting My Footing

After fifteen months away from China, I've landed in Shanghai. Even though I'm not here for long, I've got over a year of catching up to do in a week of interviews and discussions. I'm planning on meeting both both old and new faces, including a bunch of China sourcing experts to try to answer a number of questions that I posed last week on these virtual pages. While I'm planning on blogging on a daily basis about what I learn, I've already queued up a number of posts for the week on a range of topics in case I manage to stay out late and oversleep. So check back early and often as we explore China and beyond on these virtual pages. Incidentally, you can be sure that I'll have quite a bit more to say summarizing what I've learned after I return. And as a last note, if you're a procurement or supply chain professional based in or around Shanghai interested in trading thoughts on what you're seeing in China, drop me a line.

This post is part of the Spend Matters / MFG.com China Sourcing series.

Jason Busch

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