Sponsor Spend Matters Navigator: Get in at the Top While You Still Can

I'm pleased to announced that we've signed our first Charter Sponsor for Spend Matters Navigator (stay tuned for an announcement on Monday to find out who). For those who have not had time to check it out yet, Spend Matters Navigator is a new type of hub or "jumping off point" for all things procurement and supply chain that gathers, indexes and structures many different types of information. It is an entirely new service designed to help practitioners, consultants, vendors and BPO providers to better research procurement, sourcing and supply chain issues. Among other information Spend Matters Navigator gathers and presents, it indexes blogs, trade publications, business publications, analyst reports, and supplier directories. In addition to the 30+ sources already available, we anticipate adding dozens of new information sources to Spend Matters Navigator in the coming months.

We created Spend Matters Navigator because many of the practitioners we spoke with in defining the opportunity for a new type of content-based web service in procurement and supply chain were not happy with other research and editorial alternatives. The existing research sites in the market (e.g., Google) did a poor job at delivering relevant and timely results and offered no insight into the quality of a source. What we discovered through these initial conversations was that practitioners wanted the ability to go to a single site not only to begin their research into trends, technologies and business processes, but also to conduct supplier searches and learn about relevant commodity and pricing trends. And that is what has become Spend Matters Navigator.

We are currently looking for a limited number of Spend Matters Navigator Charter Sponsors. In return for spending their advertising and marketing budgets wisely, our sponsors will receive:

- Logo placement as a "Charter Sponsor" on the right of Spend Matters Navigator (this includes all pages of Spend Matters Navigator, but not the Spend Matters blog)

- A text link to support lead generation or other marketing campaigns from Spend Matters Navigator (located under logos on Spend Matters Navigator pages)

- A text link with company name located at the lower right of the Spend Matters blog main page (with a notation thanking our charter Spend Matters Navigator sponsors)

- A call with Spend Matters founder and editor Jason Busch to brainstorm marketing suggestions for Spend Matters Navigator linked content and other related information and thought leadership

- As a bonus, the ability to demo additional advertising opportunities as we make them available (but before we begin to charge for them) later in Q407 and in January 2008. This includes banner advertisements, ability to build your solutions directly into Spend Matters Navigator results, etc. These will be provided at no additional charge through the charter sponsorship period as they become available.

Spend Matters Navigator sponsors will receive logo and related advertising placement in priority order based on when they sign up -- just like on Spend Matters, the blog. For those wondering why Ariba is top of the list on Spend Matters, it's because they've been a sponsor since day one. Initial Charter Sponsors for Spend Matters Navigator will also received preferred placement for new opportunities with Navigator. So don't delay. Get in at the top while you still can.

If you're curious to learn more, drop me a line @ jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com.

Jason Busch

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