Supply Now Edition 7: Sustainability, the Middle Market and Beyond

In between our crazy fall travel schedules -- and my co-hosts activities negotiating and positioning Procuri's sale to Ariba -- Tim Minahan and I managed to record Supply Now in late September. In our seventh edition, Tim and I tackle a number of areas including the middle market and sustainable procurement practices. In addition, we interview Aptium Global's Lisa Reisman about the unique pitfalls and opportunities of direct materials sourcing in small and middle market companies. In full disclosure, I'm married to Lisa, so if you want to accuse me of RSS or podcast nepotism, go right ahead. Still, I hope you'll find the interview insightful, as I've stomped around dozens of small and middle market manufacturers with Lisa over the years, and I know her knowledge comes from the school of hard sourcing knocks. She may not always be right -- except in my view, of course -- but she's got some strong opinions about what works and does not from a regional and global sourcing perspective in the middle market.

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