Celebrating the Anniversary of Recalled Spinach With, Well, another Recall

A couple of months back, we featured a guest series on Spend Matters highlighting the types of procurement and operations breakdown that can lead to tainted spinach on the dinner table. These two posts can be found here and here. It seems that tainted, domestically produced spinach can't seem to stay out of the headlines for long, however. If you believe the popular news headlines, even though the US appears to be looking for just about every excuse to recall, block or call attention to food related imports from other countries, we can't let a year go by without keeping domestically produced spinach free from salmonella. According to a local news story from earlier in the month, a Salinas Valley-based company was forced to recall bagged spinach (hat-tip: Tony Poshek). All I can say is that where's the Popeye of supplier quality when we need him most?

Jason Busch

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