Spend Matters Welcomes BIQ: Our First Charter Sponsor for Navigator

I'm very excited to announce that BIQ, a truly unique spend analysis software provider, has become the first Charter Sponsor for Spend Matters Navigator. Over the years on Spend Matters, I've had the pleasure of not only getting to know Eric Strovink, BIQ's President and CEO, but also digging into their product as well, which I believe stands out among competitive products for those with a serious focus on analysis. While BIQ has been relatively quiet in the market these past few years from a traditional ho-hum PR perspective, they've built up a marquis list of customers and channel partners. And they've also pushed the limits of marketing approaches as well, contributing to multiple blogs as well as publishing their own thought leadership in non-traditional formats (e.g., Wikis). But most important, everyone I've spoken with who uses their solution or who is in the BIQ partner ecosystem swears by how powerful it is relative to traditional analytical approaches to looking at data -- spending or otherwise. Please join me in welcoming BIQ to the Spend Matters sponsor community!

Jason Busch

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