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So you've had enough of China on these pages, have you? Well, I have as well. At least for the next week or two. To prevent this blog from turning into "China Matters" it's time to vary things up a bit. The good news is that the timing is right for such a shift. On Monday, I'm headed down to Procuri's conference to kick off a week of vendor visits and vendor analysis on Spend Matters. So check back early and often as Spend Matters kicks into technology and solutions high gear. From examining sourcing to supplier enablement to services procurement platforms, I promise once again to bring a laser focus to a range of important Spend Management platform and solution areas on these virtual pages. I might not go as far as writing poetry or plays -- I wish I had that level of talent -- but you can be sure that I'll once again offer up my best effort to analyzing the technology and solutions markets.

Jason Busch

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