Corporate Responsibility's War of the Words

I chuckled when I read about the competitive sustainability spat that European Leaders summarized from an article in The Guardian. Contrasting a recent article that shows how Tesco plans to raise prices with Asda's strategy to go green while avoiding "price hikes", the post shows how green supply and go-to-market strategies are still very much works in progress -- even for the UK's largest retailers. However, what's most insightful to watch about this debate is how different companies are arriving at two very different perspectives when it comes to "green" and pricing. According to the post, "Tesco [recently admitted they] were ready to raise prices to deliver the real green deal ... [but] shortly [after that statement] Asda was busy telling Guardian readers that implementing a more corporately responsible approach did not mean price hikes for consumers." To pay or not to pay -- that's the question of the day, I suppose, when it comes to green products on the shelves.

Jason Busch

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