Procuri Empower: Dispatch Three

Is Procuri Customer Uncertainty Outside of the Bell Curve?

Whenever a vendor or solution provider announces an acquisition or merger, the first 60-90 days following the news are the most dangerous from a customer defection perspective. Once a deal is closed and the combined providers can talk about detailed product and solution direction and user incentives and retention plans, customers are usually relieved, and the chance of defection is much less. At Procuri Empower, I've been curious to discern whether or not the level of delayed sales cycle situations or potential customer defections are outside of the bell curve.

Based on what I've heard, I'd say that while it's clear some sales cycles are being delayed or discussions with other competitors reopened, I would argue the number of these cases I've heard about are within the norm for a typical pre-close deal environment. So while I'm sure you'll hear noise of Procuri defections trumpeted by Emptoris and others in the coming months, I'd say these will fall within expected levels, at least judging from what I'm hearing from both customers and Procuri's partners here so far. As a final aside in this regard, there are a few senior members of the Ariba team in attendance, who are clearly thinking seriously about how best to serve and integrate the Procuri customer base into the Ariba community.

Jason Busch

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