I feel Empowered

This morning, I'm catching an early flight from Procuri Empower in Atlanta to Emptoris' International Users Conference in Boston, the event formerly known as Emptoris Empower (is that enough empowerment for you or what)? While I've only got half a day to spend at the Emptoris event before flying out for another vendor event tonight, I've got quite a number of questions I'd like to dig into in my short time in Boston. And tops on the list are Emptoris' product strategy, direction and vision. Not surprisingly, Procuri's event shed little light on where they plan to take their supply management suite once it's merged with Ariba. I will admit that I'm missing a short 15 minute main-stage Q/A with Procuri's CTO today, but I have deputized bloggers in the audience taking notes for me if anything juicy comes up. Which I doubt it will, given the Ariba situation. Still, there was little talk of new product innovation during the rest of the event. I'm expecting the opposite from Emptoris, as they announce a number of new enhancements as part of the release of Emptoris 7. Check back to find out which ones make the headlines and for my analysis of Emptoris' direction the rest of this week. I'll also have a number of additional dispatches from Procuri Empower as well once I get around to posting.

Jason Busch

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