Comparing User and Partner Bases at Customer Events: Procuri and Emptoris

Earlier this week, I had the chance to attend both Procuri's and Emptoris' user conferences. One thing that struck me most about Emptoris' event relative to Procuri's was not just the number of more senior executives (CPOs and VPs of Procurement) in attendance, but the relative youth of many of the procurement and supply chain managers/directors who attended the Emptoris conference. Clearly, many Emptoris customers are hiring younger MBA and consultant types relative to typical procurement managers at other events I've attended of late. The other item that struck me most when comparing both conferences was how Procuri did a much better job with their partner ecosystem and event sponsors -- who were integral to the festivities, but did not overly influence the content. It's ironic that Emptoris, despite its close ties to Accenture and IBM, did not put more an an emphasis on its partners at the event.

Jason Busch

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