The Fusion Road Show Rolls On

This afternoon, I'm in the Motor City, Detroit, presenting to a bunch of manufacturers about ways of reducing costs despite volatile -- and often rising -- commodity price environments. I'm expecting a crowd of around 15 or 20 manager/director level sourcing professionals from small and middle market manufacturers in the region -- some of whom will be among those hardest hit by Detroit's automotive OEM and Tier One troubles. Perhaps some of OEMS and Tier Ones might even show up as well.

This is the fourth stop for the Fusion road show, and so far, it's been amazing to see how many people has been able to get to attend these things relatively to other regional events I've done for vendors in the past. In the first few dates in Boston, Chicago and Columbus, I'd say roughly sixty to seventy five suppliers attended each event on average. was also able to round up ten to fifteen sourcing professionals to attend each one as well. For me, it's been fun, especially considering I get to present in the final slot right before cocktail hour (the spot which Bruce Richardson at AMR so famously seems to pull off at his events each year). I must say that it's a tough act to follow my wife, Lisa Reisman, who presents on total landed cost approaches to global sourcing -- with a emphasis on metals -- in the immediate slot preceding me. If you're curious to get a copy of our slides, drop me a line and we'll be happy to send 'em your way.

Jason Busch

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