RC2: At Least They Tried …

A few months back, my wife and I rounded up about a dozen of the recalled "Thomas and Friends" painted wooden cars from our kid’s collection of well over fifty trains, putting them into a Ziploc which we affectionately refer to as the "bag of death". Given our busy schedules, we never got around to mailing them back to RC2, the importer, for a refund or exchange (and besides, we also believe in teaching kids that budget cutting without replacement is perfectly acceptable, and this is a great way of showing it). Regardless, it turns out our decision to not mail back the Thomas cars to RC2 was a good idea. Tony Poshek recently tipped me off to an AP wire story that discusses how those who sent in their own "bags of death" were given a bonus gift, that you guessed it, was just recalled as well.

According to the story, "if the first recall was bad enough: A million-plus 'Thomas & Friends' toys pulled because of lead paint ... the second was surreal: The maker of the smiley-faced trains sent customers "bonus gifts" so they'd stay loyal -- and now some of those toys have been recalled, too." The latest recall covers "200,000 or so items" including "2,000 tainted train cars that RC2 Corp. sent to customers who turned in recalled items over the summer." Methinks this whole story is getting ripe for a Saturday night live parody song of the Thomas the Train theme song. Michael, do you care to write it?

Jason Busch

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