Spend Matters Welcomes Paladin Associates: Our Second Charter Sponsor for Navigator

I'm very excited to announce that Paladin Associates, a one of a kind consulting firm targeting the middle market, has become the Second Charter Sponsor for Spend Matters Navigator. I've previously written how Paladin does not parachute in "twenty or thirty something MBAs to deliver results" but rather brings in, as they term it, "semi-retired folks who have a lot of experience" to clients. I also personally love the fact that "Paladin has less than two dozen consultants in its arsenal, yet it claims over 500 years of experience. Do the math. There's a lot of grey hair they bring to the table from a sourcing and procurement perspective." Given the sourcing and supply chain challenges that middle market executives face today, I'd say that 500 years of experience -- much of it GE experience, as Paladin touts -- counts for quite a lot. Please join me welcoming Paladin Associates to the Spend Matters sponsor community!

Jason Busch

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