One Parental Benefit of a Weak Dollar …

Those who've known me for decades would say my politics have not budged an inch since my primary school years, when at age ten, I told my grandmother, a former chairwomen of the Lower Merion Democratic Women's fundraising group, that I did not buy any of her left-wing labor politics. I kid you not -- my family still reminds me of my youthful political outbursts. But while I remain a free market, supply side fanatic at the core over twenty years later, I'm all for any indirect or direct economic consequences that will drive up the costs of illegal drugs so our kids cannot get their hands on them when they get older. After all, I'm a parent first and a free market blogger second.

According to a Reuter's wire story, "the strong Canadian dollar has hit the illegal marijuana sector just as it has other industries that export to the United States ... The Canadian dollar touched parity with the U.S. dollar last week, topping a rise of some 60% over the past five years …Top quality Canadian pot is selling for $3,500 a pound in the United States, compared with $2,400 in domestic markets”. If you’re curious about additional outlandish economic analysis like this, let me direct you to the Freakanomics blog. These are the guys who dissected the cash flows of a typical drug empire on the city streets proving that the distribution of wealth in a typical drug gang environment made the gang leaders rich at the expense of the street grunts, who face incredibly high risks of death, but can't afford to move away from their parent's house based on their income. So who says economics can't be interesting?

Jason Busch

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