A New Approach to Recruiting Contract Labor

I often get calls or emails from those in the FreeMarkets alumni network about where to go to identify and recruit a supply base in certain industries. Maybe it's castings suppliers in China. Or electronic components suppliers in Taiwan. But what about redneck temporary labor in Arkansas? Well, I've finally got an answer for you (courtesy of Tony Poshek). Thanks to Tony, I recently had the chance to check out redneckjobs.com a job website that bills itself as not only offering a "find a redneck" one-click option, but the virtual job matching outpost for those who can't tie a Windsor knot because "If you're wearing a tie right now, you're in the wrong place." To see how Redneckjobs.com might fit into your contract or temporary labor staffing strategy, I'd encourage you to check out a You Tube video to see if this recruiting strategy is right for.

Jason Busch

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