Move Fast: A Lead Sponsor Slot is Opening Up on Spend Matters

In early November, a Lead Sponsor slot will be opening up on (this is not to be confused with Spend Matters Navigator). As many of you know, we limit our number of Lead Sponsors to four on the blog at any one time. The last time a spot was available in February of this year, it was gone in one day of posting its availability.

This is what is included in the Lead Sponsor sponsorship package:

- Posted logo / link -- a linked company logo on all pages of Spend Matters

- "Sponsored Content" link to thought leadership or announcements (and the ability to change the link on a weekly basis to promote specific content or campaigns)

- Ability to reproduce Spend Matters content for marketing initiatives throughout the sponsorship period (with citation to

- Participation in one webcast throughout the six month period; or participation in two podcasts throughout the six month period

- Blog coverage -- and attendance -- at one domestic sponsor event during the six month period (travel and other expenses will be the additional responsibility of the sponsor)

- One day of on-site expert consulting time which can be used as a strategy session or for sales and marketing training (travel and other expenses will be the additional responsibility of the sponsor)

- Unlimited phone inquiry time with Spend Matters Editor, Jason Busch, throughout the six month period (limited to 60-90 minute calls per inquiry)

If you would like further information on pricing, drop me a line: jbusch [at] spendmatters [dot] com. We will honor a "hold" commitment by email for 24 hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. Good luck!

Update 7:30 AM PST: As soon as there's a commitment, I'll update this post. But until then, you should assume the spot is open. There's already interest this morning, but nothing is firm yet. I'm speaking at a vendor event today so I apologize in advance for any delays in responding to emails.

Jason Busch

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