Supply Chain Management Review Launches Blogs

I'm probably not the first to break the story that Supply Chain Management Review has launched its own blogs. But even if I'm a few weeks late sharing the news, I'm nonetheless thrilled to learn that they're getting into the blogosphere. SCMR is probably the best non-academic publication out there dedicated to operations issues (CPO Agenda is less focused on the supply chain and more on core sourcing and procurement issues, but is in the same class, I'd argue).

I'm hoping that SCMR's new blog content is as consistently useful and informative as that in their traditional publication. The quality and usefulness of blogs on, a sister Read-Elsevier publication, is hit or miss. I love Walter's Buczynski observations, for example, but some of the others are really all over the map depending on the week (which does not work for building a loyal following).

Fortunately, I think SCMR views blogs as much more strategic in their overall content strategy. Frank Quinn, Editor of SCMR noted in his kick-off post that, "If there was ever a publication that could use a good set of bloggers, it's Supply Chain Management Review. The reason: we only publish our print magazine nine times a year, and there's a lot happening in the supply chain space in between issues. That’s why the four blogs that we've launched ... fill an important void." One of the four bloggers happens to be Bob Rudzki, who "will focus on procurement and supply management leadership techniques." Welcome, Frank and Bob, to the blogosphere (not to mention everyone else involved on the SCMR side). I look forward to many spirited debates and exchanges.

Jason Busch

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