The Fourth Lead Spend Matters Sponsorship is Back on the Market

Sometimes you never know how these things will work themselves out. The fourth Spend Matters lead sponsorship was spoken for as of early yesterday morning, but now it's back on the market (sometimes short-term marketing budgets don't materialize, I suppose). Personally, I would have thought that the spot would have been snapped up within a day of its announcement last week (as the last one was earlier in the year). But it wasn't, despite serious inquiries from a dozen vendors, consultants and BPO providers. Perhaps it's a sign of the economy. Or maybe it's just bad timing with marketing budgets (we can't hold the spot as many asked until January). There's also the chance that new pricing is impacting demand -- we raised the cost of the lead blog sponsorships for the first time since launching Spend Matters (it's still an absolute bargain based on all comparable advertising and lead generation metrics, not to mention the exclusivity of it). But regardless, the fourth lead sponsorship is once again available for early November. You can find out more by clicking here or dropping a line: jbusch [at] spendmatters [dot] com.

Jason Busch

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