To blog or 2Sustain? Or to Do Both …

Writing a good blog is hard work. Success requires a few things. First, strong writing skills are essential since when blogging, there are no editors to hide behind, especially if you're breaking and covering stories as they happen. Second, it requires making the time in the day (or night) to stay on top of things and write -- which in my case is often during the evening or weekend hours. Third, good blogs require an insider perspective that can only be gained from working within an industry or market for some time. But fourth and most important of all, writing a good blog takes passion. Without it, you might as well kiss off any chance of the success you envision with the thing. Given these criteria for betting on whether a blog will be a success or not, I'd certainly put my chips on Tim Albinson's new blog, 2Sustain.

For those who don't know Tim, he's President, CEO and Founder of Aravo, a supplier enablement and information management vendor which also recently launched aggressively into the sustainable supply management space as well. In his own words, 2sustain is "a new blog focused on the world of sustainable business, and the people, issues, policies and trends facing 21st century business leaders ... We will never lose sight of the need to drive profitability and make wise business decisions. The belief that sustainability and profitability must go hand-in-hand in order for us to achieve our loftier goals of positive global change -- or 'Green is Green' as Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE says -- will be our guiding principle." Welcome, Tim, to the blogosphere. I'm sure we’ll have quite a bit of healthy banter back and forth!

Jason Busch

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