Dispatch One: InteSource Innovation ‘07

Last week, I attended Intesource's conference in Scottsdale. At the event, I had the opportunity to hone some of my conference speaking decks by giving three presentations throughout the first day of the event, including one to a break-out group that was focused on talent management within procurement and operations -- a topic that is not discussed enough, in my opinion. The rest of my time was packed with conversations with a variety of grocers and retailers at nearly all stages of Spend Management sophistication. Some were just wrapping up pilot sourcing projects. Others, having already bid out much of their spend, were exploring opportunities for second and even third level savings programs (including supplier development initiatives).

All in all, it was a highly informative couple of days. Check back later in the week for a few additional dispatches from the event including what leaders in the grocery and retail business are overdoing to overcome challenges ranging from commodity price inflation to new supplier quality controls and certification requirements.

Jason Busch

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