Alibaba Finally Gets the Cash to Build Something Valuable

If you read this post, you already know my views on Alibaba as a global sourcing resource. But now that they're finally public as of today and trading at 155 times next years earnings, perhaps they will have raised enough capital to actually build something useful for global sourcing professionals (or they could just buy Ariba which trades at 3-4% of their valuation).

BTW ... does anyone else think that it's an absolute joke that the Bloomberg positioned them as a "B2B Market Leader"? Seriously, their coverage notes that "in the quarter ended June 30, Alibaba accounted for 43 percent of total transactions in the so-called business-to- business e-commerce market in China, more than triple its nearest rival, Global Sources Ltd., according to estimates by Analysis International ... The company charges suppliers from China and Hong Kong an annual fee to become so-called premium members, which enables them to gain preferential access to buyers." Fast Spend Matters poll: is there anyone in the Spend Matters community who actually looks to Alibaba as a critical piece of their China supplier identification and sourcing strategy?

Jason Busch

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