A Spend Management Webinar: The Nexus of Talent Management and Procurement

I'm usually not one to plug webinars -- unless of course it's a gratuitous plug because I'm a part of it -- but this one hosted by Fieldglass tomorrow at 11:00 is worth checking out. I'm particular interested in how Fieldglass, a Chicago-based niche services procurement vendor, is helping expand the definition of contingent labor and talent-based procurement past sourcing and requisitioning. For many companies, services focused Spend Management efforts are still an afterthought, a series of categories to go after in a second or third wave. But they're many reasons why services procurement -- and talent-based procurement specifically -- should be a higher priority. Hence, if you're curious about how to "acquire and manage the right mix of multiple labor types, including contingent, service-based workers and full-time employees across multi-national markets" this webinar could prove quite fascinating.

As an aside, the management of procurement talent is certainly a piece of this as well -- many companies I've observed are increasingly looking for contract-based expertise in addition to or rather than full-time employees or consultants. Even though I'll be giving a presentation at an Ariba Spend Management Days event at the same time tomorrow as Fieldglass' webinar, I look forward to listening to the archive when I'm in one place for more than a few minutes. And I'll also be taking a closer look at Fieldglass and a handful of other vendors in the services procurement arena in more detail later this month on these virtual pages.

Jason Busch

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