One Explanation for the Expanding US Deficit …

With all of the progress -- and there has been significant progress -- made on the competitive sourcing front in various Federal agencies and departments in recent years it's a shame that our own politicians are muddying up the sourcing waters for our public servants. According to the above-linked article on the subject, "Lawmakers are working on several major bills that could undermine the Bush administration's competitive-sourcing initiative, according to the government's top procurement official ... Language in those bills would make it difficult to create a fair environment in which federal employees and private companies compete for non-inherently governmental work." Now, I'm not a fan of Bush -- especially his own free spending, big government ways. But I do support the efforts that his staff has made -- along with the DOD, Postal Service and many other agencies and departments -- to begin to look at strategic sourcing as a central component of the Federal acquisition process. Still, when I read things like this about what amounts to staffing thwarting the right set of "make" vs. "buy" staffing decisions, it makes me want to continue to bet against the dollar.

Jason Busch

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