Thanks to Airbus, France's Speedy Military Retreats will be Delayed

Just as memories of Boeing's supply related blunders regarding the 787 began to drift away from the headlines, we learn that our favorite fattened bird, Airbus, is once again announcing new delays for future aircraft. This time around the culprit is Airbus's next generation military transport plane, the A400M, which the French military was scheduled to take delivery of in 2009 (rumor is that it was to be especially useful for speedy retreats). According to Bloomberg, technical supplier delays due to turboprop development challenges and integration are to blame. But what do you expect when a key supplier component is "being developed by companies from four European nations, including U.K.-based Rolls-Royce Plc ... to satisfy political wishes that the manufacturer be European." Personally, I believe someone should stick a thermometer in this bloated centrally planned bird and serve it up for Thanksgiving dinner (wait a second, they don't have that across the pond). After all, some supply chains are just not meant to fly.

Jason Busch

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