Another Reason to Sponsor Spend Matters: Influence the Influencers

Where do you think the majority of analysts and journalists turn to get their scoop on stories these days (especially if it involves solution providers in the sector)? If you guessed Spend Matters, you'd be right. Sponsoring Spend Matters is a chance to get in front of other influencers in the procurement and operations world as they're making their own editorial decisions on what angles to take on a story -- and who to cover and include in their own write-ups (or who to recommend in their short lists). By being first to the punch with candid analysis, Spend Matters has established itself as the go-to-source for objective commentary on stories involving providers in the sector. So don't toss good PR and AR money after bad. Get in front of scores of influencers by sponsoring Spend Matters and building your credibility not only with prospects and customers, but all of the other market influencers who you want to cover your organization as well.

Jason Busch

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