Taking out the Tin Cup … Not!

Over on Sourcing Innovation, Michael Lamoureux might appear to be shaking the proverbial tin cup this weekend, trying to get sponsors. And I might appear to be doing the same thing on these pages, attempting to fill the fourth lead sponsorship slot on Spend Matters. Fortunately, for potential sponsors of either blog, neither of us are charity cases. Blogs are fast becoming the medium where practitioners, consultants, vendors and BPO providers turn to for quick hit analysis and opinion. We're a complement -- not a replacement -- to traditional media and analyst coverage. The recent stats -- which you can find on the right of this page -- speak for themselves.

So don't wait for the new calendar year to take action (which I know many folks are thinking about). Lock in without question what is the best deal going in branding, lead generation and thought leadership, lest the opportunity pass you by (Spend Matters is limited to four lead sponsors). Trust me, you won't be sorry. If you're on the fence and curious about some of the quantitative and qualitative benefits Spend Matters sponsors have realized to date, drop me a line. I'd be happy to share some anecdotes.

Jason Busch

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