Miss Manners Meets State Owned Enterprises

I found this newswire story on a local crackdown targeting "unacceptable behavior" in Chinese residential communities in Shandong Province all the more humorous because I've actually been to this region in China and met with suppliers and local party officials. According to the story, "Those targeted include 'people who swear, hit others, pick quarrels and disrespect elders ... violate the one-child policy or show other uncivilized behavior,' the Beijing News reported, quoting the 20-point edict from the management of Weidujue Community in Jining, in the eastern province of Shandong ... Those who disobey risk losing their monthly individual livelihood allowance of 280 yuan ($40). In China, many residential communities operate under a 'danwei,' or 'work-unit,' system -- the old term for state-owned companies that provided cradle-to-grave employment, housing and medical treatment." Given the amount of throat clearing and spitting which is still prevalent outside of the major cities in China -- seriously, if you had to breathe the factory and coal-power plant air that many workers have to, you would be hocking-it-up too -- I question what type of impact this will have when it comes to personal sanitation (provided this is also deemed "unacceptable" by the powers that be). Hat-tip: Amy Edwards.

Jason Busch

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