European Leaders Summarizes My ProcureTech Live Presentation

European Leaders did a decent job summarizing the set-up from my ProcureTech Live presentation last week. In the above-linked article, they offer a few of my more salient thoughts on how current procurement technology is coming up short in a number of areas. But what specific technologies should forward-thinking companies seek? In this earlier post, I hinted at a few areas. And in the presentation, I cited cases and potential examples from Aravo,, Connell Company, Emptoris, Ariba, Vinimaya, Zycus, Spend Matters Navigator, Bloomberg, Twitter, Linked-in, and Facebook, among others, to show what to expect in the future. Personally, I plan to get involved not just as a commentator but also as a key shaper in many of these developments going forward. Look for a couple of new Spend Matters affiliate ventures to surface in 2008 -- not to mention a significant new Navigator release -- which will take advantage of new technologies and content to help procurement organizations manage emerging challenges and opportunities.

Jason Busch

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