Where's Orville?

Earlier in November, David Bush reported that Orville Bailey -- who previously co-founded B2eMarkets -- has signed on to work with Gary Hare at Vinimaya. Well, the rumors of Orville's involvement in various ventures might be exaggerated. I actually had the chance to catch up with Orville in Chicago last week, and it turns out he has his hands in a number of projects. And yes, he is working with Gary and Leonard at Vinimaya to rid the world of unnecessary point to point and first generation supplier networks, but he's also pushing the limits of thinking in such areas as should cost modeling and global sourcing. If you've ever seen Orville speak on procurement technology topics, you would quickly realize that this is one Renaissance man who would be hard to contain for long in one area. So where's Orville, you ask? Perhaps if we had a Spend Matters DOPPLR group, we'd know (BTW ... what a cool service -- I'm serious about creating a sub-group for Spend Matters readers once the site goes G/A).

Jason Busch

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