What $4,000 Per Day Gets You — Picking the AT Kearney Brain Trust

Over the years, AT Kearney has done a remarkable job at maintaining price points at the top-end -- from a day rate perspective -- of the sourcing and supply chain consulting world. Now it's possible to see some of the latest thinking from the AT Kearney global supply chain / sourcing brain-trust without calling your CFO to get permission for a six or seven figure engagement. In a recently bylined article in Supply and Demand Chain Executive, two AT Kearney experts share their perspective on what really matters in the "extended value chain" as they term it. Even if you dismiss this phrase as jargon, they really do have something fascinating to say, and the details behind their observations -- not to mention the spiffy graphics, which fall just one notch shy of what I would expect from $4,750 per day McKinsey consultants on the subject -- are first rate. Without spoiling the punch line and details, the authors suggest that the three "silver-bullets" of better managing and realizing savings and value from a global supply chain are "capacity, inventory and lead-time."

Jason Busch

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