Where's Vance?

Without question, Vance Checketts takes the prize for doing the most in the shortest period of time this year. For those who don't know Vance, he had a short-lived stint leading up Aberdeen's procurement and sourcing practice, and previously he spent many years at Oracle selling and positioning their SRM suite. Vance left Aberdeen -- and the procurement world entirely -- earlier this year to join Berkeley Data Systems as COO, which recently sold out to EMC for nearly $80 million dollars (not bad for a few months work). But as many who know him would have predicted, Vance would not be able to keep himself away from the Spend Management world for long. Today, Aravo announced that he would be joining their board of advisors (separate from the board of directors) to provide "strategic counsel and direction in the areas of business development, industry analysis, marketing and sales strategy." I have no doubt that Vance will be an invaluable asset to the extended Aravo team, and I wish him the best of luck in this new endeavor. Vance's commitment to Aravo shows that there are many pundits and thinkers in this sector who believe that sustainable procurement and supply chain strategies will become larger issues in 2008 and beyond.

Jason Busch

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