Drinks in New Delhi Should Be Cheaper in the New Year

If you believe available labor capacity drives pricing, then your next King Fisher in New Delhi should be cheaper in the new year. According to Reuters, "Women will be allowed to work as bartenders in New Delhi, India's Supreme Court ruled, upholding a lower court's decision that an earlier ban was unconstitutional, local television reports said. The city authorities had wanted the ban reinstated, arguing that women needed to be protected from the bad behavior of drunken New Delhi men."

Now if the thought of "drunken New Delhi" men scares you, I would suggest you might need to rethink your outsourcing strategy. Seriously, if women can bar tend bar and stay safe in Australia -- and as far as I know, they can -- then I'm sure they can hold their own in a country not exactly known for the same rowdy bar-room atmosphere as its continental neighbor to the South. But now that they can, legally, let's hope that competition in the labor markets drives the cost of that watery Indian lager down. After all, it's not worth the current prices they ask (I'll be honest, about the only thing which I don't find intense about India is the beer -- it just does not do it for me). Hat-tip: Amy Edwards

Jason Busch

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