Ariba Closes its Procuri Acquisition

Earlier this afternoon, Ariba announced that they had closed their acquisition of Procuri. Some of the more interesting tidbits that I've already heard are that Tim Minahan will be joining Ariba as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Jeff Wilson will be leading up Ariba's middle markets (growing enterprise) organization. Both are absolutely A-players and should provide Ariba with some real marketing and sales talent, respectively. I'm hoping to talk to Ariba sometime today to learn more about what we can expect from a solution and company integration perspective. Tune in tomorrow for my full analysis based on what I learn. In particular, I am interested to hear about how Ariba plans to integrate Procuri's solutions -- almost all of which overlap or directly compete with their own -- into their product and service portfolio. Clearly in all of these integration activities, time will be of the essence. Ariba simply can't afford to waste a minute integrating its recently swallowed morsel, lest existing Procuri customers begin to get antsy and look at other options in the market.

Jason Busch

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