Purchasing People Have the Capabilities of First Graders

I'm sure I got your attention with the headline (which was my point). But there really are imbeciles out there who think that our corner of the business world is filled with nothing but idiots who aren't even good at pushing paper and signing checks. Consider how on a recent post over on MetalMiner, a commenter writes "to consider purchasing agents as a 'profession' where the employees are capable of high level thinking is laughable. Most agents couldnt [sic] tie their own shoelaces unless a supplier/bank did it for them. This post isnt [sic] even a joke, you're the joke thinking the readers here could even begin to comprehend what you said." Certainly, we can all admit that there are laggards in every profession and that far too many procurement organizations are not strategic enough. But it's statements like this that do nothing but fan the fires for those who still consider procurement a backwater, which we would all agree and could quantitatively prove is about as far from the truth as is possible.

Jason Busch

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