A Trip through the Spend Matters Time Machine (Part Three)

Instead of looking ahead to the future of Spend Management, this seems like a good time to look behind to the best posts of 2007. The list continues with the best Spend Matters posts from August through December. China played a key role in posts from these months, as tension over toy recall continued to develop and I traveled to the country and shared my own thoughts with Spend Matters readers.

China Investing in Inland Infrastructure

LIVE from China: First Dispatch

LIVE from China: Second Dispatch

LIVE from China: Third Dispatch

LIVE from China: Fourth Dispatch

LIVE from China: Fifth Dispatch

LIVE from China: Sixth Dispatch

Interview Approaches to Consider

Africa is Not the New Asia When it Comes to Global Sourcing

Preparing for an Economic Slowdown (Part One)

Preparing for an Economic Slowdown (Part Two)

Preparing for an Economic Slowdown (Part Three)

Preparing for an Economic Slowdown (Part Four)

Jason Busch

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