What Does SAP's Indecision Mean for cc-hubwoo?

Over on Strategic Sourcing Europe, Jean-Philippe Massin's blog, our trusty European correspondent continues to dish opinion on one of his favorite subjects, cc-hubwoo. According to Massin, "cc-hubwoo's future is now -mostly- in SAP's hands and goodwill: either SAP (shareholder and founder of Hubwoo) pushes its customers to use cc-hubwoo, [or] not, and so far SAP didn't show any direction." For the better or the worse, cc-hubwoo's entire platform strategy is not only aligned with SAP -- it is welded to it. Long-term, this might be a good play. But it remains to be seen whether over the next twelve months, SAP can carve out a larger set of the market selling a range of products (e.g., spend analysis, contract management, sourcing) which it previously was not planning to rely on for the bulk of its revenue before its next major SRM release. Maybe cc-hubwoo will be critical to this strategy -- and maybe not. Methinks that SAP doesn't even know yet and is hedging its bets. Still, it must be nice having a channel and partner that you have 100% control over from a software perspective (unlike the SIs and BPO providers).

Jason Busch

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