My Best Wishes for a Peaceful New Year

Given the violence and uncertainty in Pakistan at the moment, it's the perfect opportunity to remind everyone how fragile the world is we live in -- and how much peace and freedom matter. While many of us in the West take both for granted, we shouldn't. When I started Spend Matters, I believed in giving an online voice to the cause of free trade and free markets through promoting global sourcing and commerce on these virtual pages. And I still believe it to this day. Only through the open exchange of goods, services, and ideas can we hope to build tighter bonds with our neighbors -- not to mention those on the other side of the world. And through this understanding and trade will come rising prosperity for all (at least in the long run), a more free and open society and eventually, I hope, a lasting peace throughout the world. So who said Spend Management was just about saving money? It's about making the world a better place -- one relationship and one transaction at a time.

- Jason Busch

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