Are Procurement Layoffs Looming?

Late last year, I heard from a couple of good sources in industry who are worried about the potential for headcount reductions in 2008 depending on what happens with the North American economy and overall global demand. Some of these layoffs might be couched as redeployment of workforces to low cost countries (e.g., China or India). But make no mistake about it -- many companies who are serious about reducing their fixed cost structures in a slowing economy will not exempt procurement from layoffs despite the contributions we all know that Spend Management can make to the bottom line in a down market. In this environment, doing more with less will not just go without saying – it will become a mantra up and down organizations as individuals at all levels are forced to take on additional responsibilities. If you have a minute to chime in, I'd be curious to get a few opinions about what others are hearing on this subject.

- Jason Busch

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