Ten New Year's Resolutions for Spend Matters (Part 2)

It's that time of year again when all of us set resolutions. From a Spend Matters perspective, I've decided to post my ten resolutions in a two-part series. Below is the second entry.

6) I will spend more time calling bullshit on other bloggers, analysts, and journalists that make arguments that are misinformed or misleading. In my rush to get three posts up each and every weekday for the past year, I've personally felt that I've sacrificed coverage of things that I really should be calling bullshit on. The amount of crap that I read out there written by those that I feel are misinformed is mounting all the time. And I've not done a good enough job calling it out because the amount of research it takes to write a good expose takes longer than most posts. But I will, from now on, make the time to put my vitriol into these pages whenever I see something that could mislead others.

7) I will use this blog as a medium to draw attention to free trade and global tax / tariff issues that should matter more in this 2008 election. While I will not go as far as actually endorsing a candidate during the actual election, I will endorse candidates from both parties in the primaries in the coming weeks based on their global trade and economic platforms.

8) I will focus on quality over quantity. I've decided to mix up my posting style and approach in the New Year. Rather than offering up a standard three posts a day which I've done for the past year, I plan to vary it a bit. Some days will be more -- some less. I'll also be doing a number of shorter entries calling attention to news and other items of interest. But above all, I won't make you read for a thousand words to learn what you could in less than a tenth that number. None of us have time for that anymore.

9) I will find new ways of commercializing and monetizing Spend Matters traffic and content without compromising the voice or independence of this thing. In this regard, there are some established content and lead generation business models out there that I feel can be vastly improved upon. Look for Spend Matters to make a play in this regard starting in Q2.

10) I will give a voice to the smaller vendors and providers who doing truly innovative things in the Spend Management world as well as the larger ones who deserve to have their presence and actions known.

- Jason Busch

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