Bedard Watch

One of the more polarizing individuals that I've met over the years in the Spend Management research world is without question the former President and CEO of Aberdeen, Jamie Bedard. I won't go into the specifics about what many readers of Spend Matters have had to say about him over the years -- search under "Bedard" on Spend Matters if you're curious about the exact history of his behavior -- but given how his involvement in the sector impacted such a wide swath of individuals, I thought it would be prudent to call attention to his current ventures. Apparently, judging on comments from Spend Matters readers, Bedard left Aberdeen and went on to True Advantage, a solution provider in the Boston area.

He was there less than a few months when it closed its doors. Most important, along the way, he succeeded in carrying the same human-resources driven reputation with him from Aberdeen, at least based on what Spend Matters readers have had to say. Now, perhaps True Advantage really was destined for liquidation -- and there are a lot of CEOs who come in for a short period to shut down operations -- but in this case, Bedard clearly did not make any friends in the process. I'll leave it up to those closer to the situation to comment further in hopes of getting a "fact-based" analysis of what really happened.

- Jason Busch

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